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Gotta Give Credit

Now, generally, we in Greater Numbers dont really like to “have” to borrow blog posts from other, more well known sites in order to make our blog more accessible. This isn’t really a case of that either, well, at least … Continue reading

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The Groove Pile Volume 1

For the past few months, I had this idea to try my hand at a mega mix of sorts, or at least to see if I could easily link multiple old school jams together. The Result is this wonderful mushy … Continue reading

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CONTEST: The Big Letter R

Graphic Designers: if you have any interest in getting yourself out there in a no-risk contest, CLICK HERE. This year’s finest (in my opinion), RUSKO, is hosting a contest with the creative collaboration network Talent House to find the new … Continue reading

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OVERSEAS: Die Antwoord

Pretty recently the South African rap group Die Antwoord have been stirring up a lot of attention. Not that they’re doing anything besides being their overly strange selves. I saw the video for their first single, Enter the Ninja, and … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

I could’ve gone out and seen Ludacris for free tonight but I decided to stay in and watch zombie films. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m a recluse, or a nerd, or that Ludacris has kinda fallen off. Either way, … Continue reading

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Neckface is doing a haunted house exhibition in LA. It’s looking pretty exciting.Peep the promo: also, Sorry.

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A bit late…

I’ve been really busy for the past week getting ready for my upcoming vacation/relocation.  Because of this I am updating today on an event I attended over the weekend over at Respectable’s Street.  It was an art exposition by a … Continue reading

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