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Updizzaatteee: Numbers Style

Shaoow. For the sake of keeping the faith, we know we have a tendency to put out a release and then sort of slip into the shadows for a while, and hence this blog was put into effect. For those … Continue reading

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Gotta Give Credit

Now, generally, we in Greater Numbers dont really like to “have” to borrow blog posts from other, more well known sites in order to make our blog more accessible. This isn’t really a case of that either, well, at least … Continue reading

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The Groove Pile Volume 1

For the past few months, I had this idea to try my hand at a mega mix of sorts, or at least to see if I could easily link multiple old school jams together. The Result is this wonderful mushy … Continue reading

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Calling All Brobrahs!!

Yes yes, The Greater Numbers family is looking to expand, extend our hands into the ocean of potential feel-gooders and think-alikers. This is a call to arms! We are most certainly looking to solidify the strength of our blog, as … Continue reading

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ORL has done it again!!

I had a grudge against Omar for a while, nothing of a character flaw really, but more because of his attitude towards fans. As the years have gone by, this man has not only released AT LEAST 2 records every … Continue reading

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Bassnectar at The Moon, Tally , 9/16/2010

All I can remember is lights and noise, and a headache as raging as the night before. Having just recently moved up to Tallahassee as part of the Greater Numbers “diaspora,” I really didn’t expect a name like Bassnectar to … Continue reading

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