Updizzaatteee: Numbers Style


For the sake of keeping the faith, we know we have a tendency to put out a release and then sort of slip into the shadows for a while, and hence this blog was put into effect. For those keeping tabs on things (or trying to) I figured I would post an update on what exactly the Greater Numbers have been up to.

Me and Qwang Wang (Tchungster) have been cooling it in Tally for the past few months as most of you know. Several of our projects have been put on hiatus, while at the same time several newer projects have been manifesting themselves. Scrasquatch (also Tchungster) has been hard at work developing beats for numerous endeavors including the upcoming beat tape titled “Scatterbrained”  which if all goes well should be out relatively soon. In addition to that, the third and possibly final installment in the Greater Numbers “Special Guest” EP Series, the Daniel Tammet EP, should be out by early 2011. Go listen to Thurl while you’re at it.

We, as always, couldnt be more excited to get these works out there and see how yall dig it. We guarantee yall will dig it, but we like to see the responses anyway.

In the meantime, myself has just released Come And Get Ya Medicine Pt. 1 for free download over on my bandcamp site. The first installment does feature beats exclusively from El-P’s latest “Weareallgoingtoburninhell megamixxx3“. Gotta love that guy. A second and conclusive installment will be finished and out for listening by mid December.

Nasty Nuggets is of course holding the 561 area code to the utmost extent, doing a good amount of shows with local greats Roots Shakedown, make sure to cop their debut album and go see them live if you can, they put on a damn chillin show. We will be heading back to the Ace for Thanksgiving, and god knows what will go down in that time span, we might just see the birth of a mixtape jumping all of our other efforts, time is tight and we usually try to make the best of it.

Aside from all that, we have a shiez load of other projects sitting in the wings, waiting to have light shone upon them. Sometime in the future maybe, just to bait the idea of it heres some of the project titles (all with at least 8 tracks written and waiting):

  • -Psychonoctic Avengers
  • -Chronicles of the Brobrah
  • -Argonaut
  • -The Smothers Brothers EP
  • -Throwbacks
  • -Mental Dap Mixtape
  • -The Spirit and the Mind
  • -5 Nugs 3 & 4   (I KNOW RIGHT!!!?)

All of this, and hopefully we will also be starting a video project once we get our mitts on a nice camera. So be on the lizook out for some dopeness. keep it locked here and tell ya friends about the happenings, cuz it makes you feel all warm inside.




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