Gotta Give Credit

Now, generally, we in Greater Numbers dont really like to “have” to borrow blog posts from other, more well known sites in order to make our blog more accessible. This isn’t really a case of that either, well, at least not with that intention. But in all good real-recognize-realness, I do have to give it up to the hard working writers and collectors over at Hip Hop Is Read for literally compiling some of the illest and realest rap and hip hop mixtapes on the web.  Click the image below to download straight up.


Again, not to discredit our own efforts, but I’m not even sure where I could have started in order to gather up this much good shit at one time. This is just about their latest mixtape, but if you visit the site, you’ll find hours upon hours of some of the more well-known, non fakery based rap material I think is even retrievable minus the help of a search team and a few months of work.

If you’re like me, chances are you might be, you normally don’t spend all day focusing your aural efforts on one thing, even let alone one mixtape. Mixtapes are great, but they sort of force you into a vortex, a theme if you will, reminiscent of the infamous “break-up” tapes many people made back in the day in attempts to invoke sympathy. As is the theme here, though thankfully not as cheesy or sad, and hopefully tracks from The RZA, Wiz Khalifa and Aesop Rock aren’t making anyone cry in shame. has really done nothing but great work keeping the dream alive and making sure true hip hop hasn’t lost it’s place among listeners.

The internet is a muh-fucker, but at least we have a solid effort on the defense here. Good work guys, we salute you. Make sure to give them a constant check-up, as they dont fail to keep you in the loop. As for us, always check up daily to see what kind of craziness the Numbers are getting into.

Tanks and Peace



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