Calling All Brobrahs!!

Yes yes, The Greater Numbers family is looking to expand, extend our hands into the ocean of potential feel-gooders and think-alikers. This is a call to arms! We are most certainly looking to solidify the strength of our blog, as well as get some rounded insight from anyone looking to help manage and post interests of their own.

We talking bout building blocks yo.

If you think you have a good knack for writing about all things chilling, things hilarious or just cool to know about, shoot us an email at to get a spot on the writing team. We dont always have the free time to post something every day, and we sadly admit that we’re not the most on-top-of-things as far as blog maintenance goes.


So once again, if you know how to use a computer, can consider yourself pretty passionate about writing, and want to make better, more informative use of this introweb. Be sure to hit us up, sign up to and shoot us an email with your username and stoof. We will proceed from there, and you’ll pretty much have free reign to make this blog as cool as you can.


See ya there, dont be squares. Heres a picture of a zebra fish

Zee braahh feeeesh


About EMC

Im working on BEATS
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