OVERSEAS: Die Antwoord

Pretty recently the South African rap group Die Antwoord have been stirring up a lot of attention. Not that they’re doing anything besides being their overly strange selves. I saw the video for their first single, Enter the Ninja, and I actually got off on a bad foot with Ninja and Yo-Landi. I must warn you, it’s not the most accessible music ever, especially when you live in America. The standard of rap in America is not necessarily a standard of high lyrical quality, but it’s definitely a hell of a lot smoother than this.

But I like it. There’s something really technical about the way that the both of them rap. Every other word Ninja says might be “fokkin” but I still can’t help but like the way he falls in and out of rhythm because I know it’s intentional. Even though Yo-Landi’s voice sounds like something I should hate, I can’t do it. Maybe you can do it for me, but then again, I don’t really care in that case. I feel like it’s too easy to hate Die Antwoord, and the challenge they present is to give them the 10 minutes of listening it takes to find a little spot for them in your heart. Watch the video below and see if you agree. I can’t hate on a guy dressed like a monster from the movie The Descent dancing around with a 4 foot rubber dick jiggling around in his hand/crotch. Plus, check the part with the prawn arm from District 9.

And watch Diplo look like a cheap Scott Storch. Sorry Diplo ILU.

DICKSCLAIMER: Lots of dick references/boners/dicks. 

So if you like this at all, I highly recommend the CD, $O$, which they’ve put out like 3 or 4 versions of with and without certain tracks. These two singles are actually the weakest songs on the album, which might not be that hard to believe.

I entreat ye: get yourself rounded in international hip hop. Here’s a good place to start.

4 foot rubber wang out


About Wang Tchung

Greater Numbers is a South Florida arts movement fronted by a hip hop trio of the same name.
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