Happy Halloween

I could’ve gone out and seen Ludacris for free tonight but I decided to stay in and watch zombie films. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m a recluse, or a nerd, or that Ludacris has kinda fallen off.

Either way, everything was a buildup to the new show from AMC, “The Walking Dead.” It’s based on a series of a graphic novels by Robert Kirkman. The show could shape up to be a television cult classic (as I’m sure AMC wants it to be).

It’s literally a zombie-apocalypse series that takes place in/around Atlanta. They use a typical zombie virus plot formula but all of the visual effects and gore is very effective. The acting isn’t too shabby either. I’d say that the show is cinematically stronger than almost any zombie movie I’ve seen. I strongly recommend this show if you’re a fan of anything to do with zombies, particularly video games like Left 4 Dead and Deadrising. But don’t get me wrong, the plot is really strong.


About Wang Tchung

Greater Numbers is a South Florida arts movement fronted by a hip hop trio of the same name.
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