fito aka rafael
For anyone who might be into the house scene, I give you FITO, a member of THE Wild Bunch. With roots and inspiration stemming from one of the international house scene hot-spots (hes from NYC), you get a taste of what is really going down in the real club parties. Nonstop, pulsating, seemingly primal and tribal, with a hint of Latin influence, you get the Decompression Sessions, a “freestyled live recorded mix. No Wrex, No Efx.” And although it may not blow you off your feet when you sit down and listen to it, one can only imagine this (or any other similar music) in a packed out club, with the laser lights and whatnot, just destroying. The trick is, you have to let it sink in. If you have the patience to let things build, it can really take you away. Fito is currently holding it down in Las Vegas, a resident DJ, so unless you want to go out and see him in person, I suggest you throw this track on with some nice headphones, maybe after a long week, kick back with the lights low, and prepare for decompression…
Listen to or download the mix here if it seems like something you might fancy, let him know what you think, I dont know, he’s quite connected in the North American house scene, I was lucky enough to kick it with him for a couple of weeks on a stay of his in the 561…

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