ORL has done it again!!

I had a grudge against Omar for a while, nothing of a character flaw really, but more because of his attitude towards fans. As the years have gone by, this man has not only released AT LEAST 2 records every other month under his SOLO moniker ORL, but as a studio musician has participated in the seeing through of over 20 records easily.

Today we’re looking at the newest release under the ORL solo catalog entitled “Tychozorente”

Now I’m not bi-lingual in any way, so we will stay away from the translations and all that, lets focus on the music and production here. In more recent releases we have seen the introduction of this “electro” sort of set up in Omar’s music. This is present here as well, in the opener “Los Siete Sermones A Los Muertos.” Omar includes the lofty vocals of his lovely wife Ximena once again on this record. Ximena can also be heard on several previous records with Omar including Solar Gambling and Xenophanes.

This record does well to follow the “un-earth, extra terrestrial” sort of vibe Omar has been known for. Though it does take more of a digital approach, the bass is hard hitting, the rhythms are interesting, the song structures are still very melodic all while being ominous and anxious.

Make sure to keep a close eye on this guy, with The Mars Volta also under his supervision, theres some serious SERIOUS heft coming attached. The man’s got his work cut out, and its dope sounding. Please spread and enjoy.


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