Bassnectar at The Moon, Tally , 9/16/2010

All I can remember is lights and noise, and a headache as raging as the night before. Having just recently moved up to Tallahassee as part of the Greater Numbers “diaspora,” I really didn’t expect a name like Bassnectar to be coming through. If you haven’t done the homework yet, heres a sampler for you.

So, needless to say, the man knows what to do. I don’t try to be a big “fan” of a lot of things, for the sake of being open. But, dude has some chops with the digital production. Not only does he put out, but he attracts a crowd man. This place was lined wall to wall with glowstick wearing, body-painted, drink holding college goers getting funky wit it. And it was beautiful.

I’ve been spending my past few days trying to get this video seen. It really is a testament to getting fucked up and coming out to a show (you can even see me bout half way through on the balcony in white, rockin’ it.) Funny thing was, I was only drinking (among other recreational activities,) but nothing extreme, this was a Thursday. Any reason is a good reason up in Tallanasty though. Someone asked me for extacy like three times, it was great.

Bassnectar is expected to have an EP release titled “Wildstyle” later this year, so make sure to be on the lookout, this fool might even be surprising your town next.


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