WOW time flies, but yes, we are still here.
A LOT of things have been going down, and here is your wrap-up for the past couple months…

What originally inspired my writings came from recent contact with an elusive brobrah entity, QUAP. Apart from being none other than a founding father of all things brobrah, the outdoor-adventure seeking being is a beat-making beast (practically a library), catalyst, and host to some epic recording sessions and parties (RIP CHOCOLATE HOUSE). Yes, it almost seems like yesterday, when the musical endeavor known as Chocolate christened that house on Valencia in its name…
Anyways, Quap has been kind enough to take the time to post up some bits for the world to hear, titled The Cascade Falls EP, you should definitely check it out at, or download the album here.
Listen to the track “Intro”, and I need not say anymore.
And by the way, I just lost the game…

SUMSUN is back in the loop as well, with yet another release on the way, titled Samo Milagro (release date: September 28th on Leaving Records I think?). I caught wind of its release a minute back, and finally got a chance to give a listen to a track titled “Ants”. Still that characteristic Sumsun vibe, I felt myself being pulled into his creeper-sleeper trance, makes you wanna move! You can check out the track here.

Apart from a damn saucy show at Club Sandwich (I raged till I puked then I raged some more), Weird Wives blessed us with but a tidbit of a release, partnering with The Band In Heaven to release a 4-song little teaser “split-tape”. You can find two tracks from each band, all pretty rockin’. I even got a keyboard cred on “wet blanket” what what!! Another example of groups working with groups, as The Band in Heaven’s Ates Isildak recorded the Weird Wives tracks (Robert Pagano mixed them sealed the fuckin deal), and the ‘ol Noise Boys (Zach and Anthony Dewar) threw in some input as well. Truly saucy.
heres a shot from the puke-inducing Weird Wives show…

Speaking of Weird Wives, that little side-project a few of the members are involved with, Surfer Blood (maybe you’ve heard of them), just got signed to Warner Brothers. Yea, THAT Warner Brothers.

In other news, a young brobrah grommet by the name of Ian Grandjean came forth and asked us to be a part of a documentary project titled “We Are Music”. Check out the trailer and see if you would wanna support, it looks like its gonna be quite bodacious.

Yea, lots of shit is going down, keep posted for some upcoming interviews, music videos, and music releases.
GREATER NUMBERS has got some hot fiya on the way, along with SHITTONoFUNK STAY POSTED BROBRAHS

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