WEIRD WIVES @ Propaganda

Last night I made my ways over to Lake Worth’s Propaganda to catch Weird Wives.

The first time I saw these guys was at what you might call a warehouse showcase, a few months back. We sat around and watched some bands, but the buzz was all about Nick Klein and Weird Wives. I decided to stick around and hear it, and I did. It threw me off at first, because the last Nick Klein I was familiar with laid claim to a straightedge lifestyle, so when he passed out jammers and took swigs from a big ol’ bottle of clear liquor, I was quite interested to see where things would go… They went good. Weird Wives is nasty. Which is all the reason I found myself at Props last night…
Weird Wives is quite an interesting mix. You have Nick Klein, who as Steve Rullman said, “looked like a deranged lumberjack and/or a possessed genius as he stalked the stage”, with his band comprising of Surfer Blood‘s very own Brian Black on bass, Thomas Fekete on guitar, and Marcos Marchesani on drums. They kill it, super solid, and make one want to smash things. If someone had jumped out of the dark alley corners last night while I was blazin a bowl and put a gun to my head and asked me the best way to sum up the Weird Wives sound, I would say it sounds like an extended Rage Against the Machine breakdown, on Special K. I just wish that they didnt have to play for such a nihilistic crowd, they deserve to have people going nuts, it would make the live experience much danker. Imagine going to watch a big fight, and the whole crowd is quiet, all you can hear is the fighters slapping against each other… yea. Ahh but I guess I am one to blame as well, for as I watched the people stand awkwardly around, I did nothing to get things movin, what a puss. It was thoroughly enjoyable though, got to see some familiar faces and shoot the shit, all while witnessing some Weird Wives. Check them out at and see what its all about…


About Wang Tchung

Greater Numbers is a South Florida arts movement fronted by a hip hop trio of the same name.
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One Response to WEIRD WIVES @ Propaganda

  1. Ryan says:

    the fuck? niggas need to promote their damn shows

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