Sleigh Bells @ Respects

So Sir Spase and I managed to wiggle our ways into the sold-out Sleigh Bells show (at Respectables on Thursday, July 10th), and between some of the familiar faces of SFL’s music collective, the shoulder-to-shoulder supersweaty crowd, and a personal near-brawl situation at the bar, we managed to catch a pretty rockin fuckin saucy show.
See, Sleigh Bells is doin it big (part of why I believe it was so packed out). I mean, with names like M.I.A and Major Lazer putting their hands in your mix, its no surprise that a good amount of people would be interested to see what you were doing. But what made this night particularly interesting is that Sleigh Bells’ roots run down to the 561, so REPRESENT. One half of this power duo, Derek Miller, used to play guitar with Poison the Well, and through some degrees of separation is cousin to our brobrah Sumsun (who by the way is about to release some brand new summer material stay posted).
I must say, I’m not too big a fan of the Sleigh Bells sound, but alas, there is Alexis Krauss, the group’s other half. She knows how to rock the fuck out, and was straight vibin, voodoo stylin. It was really good to see and feel Respectables get down like that, she definitely got the crowd moving, there was quite a buzz in the place. And for that we give you props, Sleigh Bells, anytime you wanna come back to Respects, we’ll come get down with you, for as much as the music can put someone off, you make up for it on stage, and I totally understand and dig it.

Here are some pictures of perspective, compliments of Miss Stephanie Marotta thank you thank you
photo courtesy of Stephanie Marotta

photo courtesy of Stephanie Marotta

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