SUMSUN realeases Super Spacey Sunburnt Summer

The mad spliff scientist of smooth Dr. JROGE, aka SUMSUN, has once more thrown another banger out into the collective, this time with his Super Spacey Sunburnt Summer mixtape, which happens to be just that. Imagine a morning that shoots you awake for some strange summer reason, and proceeds to take you to the beach, where you meet up with some brobrahs and get to blazin. The sun is out, water is super smooth and crystal clear, and theres even a little freak swell pumpin chest highs once in a while. You see someone approaching, and at first they look really familiar, until you realize they ARE real familiar, and you havent seen this mothafucka in ages. They bust out a sheet and start snippin, you say what the hell, and next thing you know youre the next thing you know. Take a day. No, take a week. Actually, take a summer, and squish it into a days worth of trippn thought and adventure, then squish it into a 53 minute and 42 second montage of what happens, and call this musical mashup the soundtrack.
Yes the SSSS mixtape fades into a quick pickup, and takes you on a ride around with nothing to do but enjoy. And as it all winds down into what sounds like a sunset party on the beach, it fades on, back to the place it came from, leaving one only wondering when Sumsun is gonna bring it back.
Truly a nice accompaniment to kickin back, or cruisin in the whip on your way to the beach. Download it here and check out what Sumsun is up to, because he’s crazy, I dont have any idea to how he does what he does, but he just does it, and he’s crazy. So yea.


About Wang Tchung

Greater Numbers is a South Florida arts movement fronted by a hip hop trio of the same name.
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  1. kendall says:

    i love this post

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