Top Secret

Last night I was chillin’ with Shit Ton of Funk over at the Roots Shakedown practice space. Too bad for you, the location remains undisclosed. I can show you these badass pictures though!

Get a load of that shit.

Now is an appropriate time to let anyone who might read this know: I’m going out of town for two weeks starting this Friday. I’ll be in New York, Boston, Maine, and everywhere in between here and there. Also, in case you don’t understand what the fuck we talk about on this “blog”…

We all live in West Palm Beach, FL. Greater Numbers and Shit Ton of Funk have functioned pretty well around here for the passed couple years. I have actually lived here my entire life. I’m two years into college (FAU) and from the start of it, I’ve completely hated it. I feel like I’ve been short-selling the art and music that my friends and I make by living around here. Living in South Florida is like living on the dick-tip of the United States — the only way to make anything happen around here is to actually get it in, which is the hardest thing to do, especially when you spend all your time in a pair of pants. I’m sorry if that analogy doesn’t make sense, or disgusts you, but I’m writing from the soul here, and I refuse to elaborate.

What I’m saying is that I’m relocating to the Tallanasty. So is Riley (EMC). Greater Numbers is still in full effect, as is Shit Ton of Funk, so don’t get it twisted. This is only for the purpose of spreading the influence of the South Florida arts community beyond its own borders.

So, starting in August, you’ll be hearing about shit going on in West Palm, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Atlanta, and wherever my Honda Accord can make it to. Please don’t cry, all you active readers and enthusiastic commenters.

Wang Tchung


About Wang Tchung

Greater Numbers is a South Florida arts movement fronted by a hip hop trio of the same name.
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